Providing high volume résumé writing and instructional solutions to organizations that deliver job search assistance services in New York City and on Long Island. 

Reed Résumés collaborates with organizations that must produce job placements in order to increase donations, fulfill contractual obligations, justify tuition costs, and/or exhibit overall program success.

Ideal partners include: 

  • Job Training Programs

  • Workforce Development Firms

  • Non Profits

  • High Schools

  • Colleges

We can collaborate with your organization to craft highly marketable résumés that will boost your participants' confidence, increase access to employment opportunities, and support job placement.


Why Partner with Reed Résumés?

Organizational Obstacles
  • Résumé writing is extremely time consuming. Your current staff manages multiple responsibilities, wears many different hats, and may be spread too thin. If this is the case, it is possible that your staff is sacrificing productivity and work quality.

  • Although well-intentioned and experts in other areas, very few people have the expertise and qualifications to create truly quality résumés for your participants. Does your staff have the recruitment experience that enables them to understand how a résumé is consumed? This is critical.

  • Organizations that deliver job search assistance services face extreme pressure to produce job placements. Donors and students have options; they want to see a track record of results and feel confident that their money is being put to good use or that they are making a wise investment. A proven track record of success is imperative!

  • Efficiency: Outsourcing your high volume résumé writing needs to a professional will ensure that each résumé receives the attention that it deserves and that your staff maximizes their strengths and productivity. Capitalize on your staff's strengths and outsource the résumé writing to a professional.

  • Expertise: Ron Reed is a Certified Professional Résumé Writer with 10+ years of recruitment experience and has completed 900+ résumés since June 2014. Ron also has experience working with a diverse spectrum of job seekers including but not limited to students, the long-term unemployed, the mature, and newly-arrived immigrants.

  • Placement Focused: We all know how important it is to produce results! Providing your participants with a professionally written résumé will not only make them more marketable as job seekers but will also aid your staff in generating job placements.

Our Solutions

Ron Reed has 10+ years of résumé writing and recruiting experience, including a 5 year stint with award-winning workforce development firm Grant Associates. 


Most résumé writers (and there are lots of excellent ones out there) are fantastic writers but they do not have recruiting experience. Ron is an active recruiter who also has extensive workforce development experience. He understands the psychology of recruiting and the unique challenges that job placement professionals encounter.


Tel: 631.816.3738

Our Services

  • Résumé Writing - we actually write the résumés for each of your participants

  • Participant Instruction - we teach your participants how to write their own résumés

  • Staff Instruction - we teach your staff how to craft quality résumés for your organization's participants

*The above services can also be applied to LinkedIn profile writing.

Every organization is different; we are flexible and can

create a customized plan tailored to your organization's needs!


"I worked closely with Ron Reed for close to three years. Ron adapted his personalized approach to craft a high volume of high-quality résumés that served our valued stakeholders: the clients of Grace Institute as well as our students. He is great to work with!"

- Lorraine Voytek, Director of Education & Training @ Grace Institute

"Ron has definitely changed my life both personally and professionally. I instantly gained confidence in myself and I am no longer ashamed of sending my résumé to employers. The amount of interview invitations has definitely increased, job offers are now always on the table, and I actually receive compliments for having a great resume.  If it weren’t for Reed Résumés, I wouldn’t be the successful businesswoman I am today."

- Damaris C., Bronx, NY

"It was a pleasure working with Ron Reed. He created a résumé that is clear, concise, and relevant to my career goals. He is an easy guy to talk to and very open to offering suggestions and advice. I am excited to represent myself using my new résumé in today's super competitive job market."


- Sharine G., Bronx, NY


Our Partners

Grace Institute has been Moving Women for more than a century, providing tuition-free job training and job placement assistance to NYC women who are in need of a second chance. 


Since February 2015, Reed Résumés and Grace Institute have collaborated twice a year to ensure that their graduates enter the workforce with a compelling résumé that best showcases their skills and experience. As of Summer 2017, Reed Résumés has written résumés for 650+ Grace Institute students in support of this goal.


Ron has also served as a guest speaker at Suffolk County Community College-Riverhead, North Babylon HS, Locust Valley HS, and Girl Scouts of Suffolk County.


During the Spring of 2016, Reed Résumés was contacted by Sayville High School (West Sayville, NY) to provide résumé writing workshops and résumé review services to the school's Special Education students. This was a phenomenal opportunity to help the students create powerful résumés for the short term as well as provide them with résumé writing knowledge to be used throughout their entire careers.


Q: How many résumés can you produce at a time? 

A: We have experience working with up to 125 clients simultaneously. We welcome the opportunity to take on projects of all sizes.

Q: What areas do you currently service? 

A: At this time, we are available to collaborate with organizations located in New York City and on Long Island.

Q: What populations do you have experience working with?

A: Ron has worked with job seekers across the spectrum, from high school students to high level corporate executives. While employed in the workforce development sector, Ron frequently worked with high school and college students, the unemployed, the long-term unemployed, homeless individuals, clients with developmental disabilities, and newly arrived immigrants. He has worked with corporate clients in lavish Manhattan and Long Island offices and has felt just as comfortable serving clients in Jamaica, Queens or in the Coney Island NYCHA houses after Hurricane Sandy. Ron is skilled at developing real connections with his clients and is comfortable working with everyone.

Q: What do your résumé writing services cost? 

A: Many factors influence pricing including but not limited to volume and turn around time. Please reach out to us to get the ball rolling so we can learn more about your needs and start brainstorming some solutions!

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